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These are a group of accounts aimed at attracting foreign currency deposits. To view the applicable foreign currencies, please check out the product features section below.

  • Suitable for clients with a regular income in foreign currency
  • No ledger fees
  • Free monthly e-statements
  • Interest is calculated and credited monthly (USD)
  • Access to internet banking channels
  • Currency - US Dollars (USD), Euro (EUR) and Great Britain Pounds (GBP)
  • Opening amount - nil
  • Minimum balance -┬ánil
  • Attractive interest rates on balances over USD 5,000
  • Channels / account & information access - cheque book , internet banking, E-statements
  • 0.5% cash handling fee (over GBP / EUR / USD 5,000 or equivalent)
  • Ledger fees -┬ánil
  • Cheque book as per tariff
  • Note: * All charges are subject to applicable tax
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