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The DTB Classic Individual Current Account is a transactional account, with a flexible pay as you go price structure. That is, zero transactions zero charges, thus no monthly fee. The customer is only charged when he/she transacts. The main service delivery channels for this account is via branches, ATMs and mobile banking.

  • Access to debit card as per tariff
  • Access to cheque book as per tariff
  • Access to mobile banking
  • Free access to e-statements
  • Access to discounted emergency ambulance services (* See footnotes below. Terms & Conditions Apply)
  • Currency - Kenya shillings
  • Opening amount - nil
  • Minimum balance - nil
  • Interest rate - N/A
  • Channels / account & information access - debit card, cheque book, mobile banking, internet banking, e-statements
  • Individual Accounts
    • National ID (Kenyan citizens)
    • Valid passport & Foreign certificate (Foreign Citizens)
    • One passport size photo
    • KRA PIN Certificate (Kenya Revenue Authority)
    • Proof of Physical address (Lease agreement/ Utility bill indicating- name and physical address)
  • Corporate Accounts
    • Certificate of Incorporation/ Registration or Certificate of Registration Form (for sole proprietors/ clubs/ society/ associations/ churches)
    • Constitution & By-Laws for Clubs, Associations, Societies & Foundations
    • Memorandum and Articles of Association for companies incorporated pre-2015 (Co. Act 486) while CR 1 and 2/3 & 8 for companies incorporated post 2015 (Co. Act 2015)
    • Partnership Deed duly signed by all partners (in case of partnerships)
    • Signed Board Resolution by at least two directors or 1 director + company secretary with affixed with a CPS stamp
    • KRA Pin Certificate
    • Proof of physical address: Business Permit, Lease Agreement, Utility Bill (indicating name and address of entity), New Generation KRA PIN Certificate (indicating name and address of entity)
    • Latest audited/ Management Accounts
    • Kenyan ID/ Valid Passport with Visa Page, Foreign Certificate/Alien Card (Foreign Nationals) & Tax PIN for all stakeholders (Sole Proprietors, Shareholders (owning more than 5% of the entity), Directors, Partners & Signatories
    • Practicing/Trading License (applicable for Lawyers, Insurance Companies, Brokers & Agents, Sacco's (SASRA), CBK License (for Financial Institutions only))
  • Debit card:
    • Mastercard gold Kshs. 500
  • Card replacement - Kshs. 600
  • Withdrawal fees:
    • Withdrawals from DTB ATMs - Kshs. 30
    • Withdrawals from Interswitch and Kenswitch ATMs - Kshs. 70
    • Withdrawals from all other bank ATMs - Kshs. 200
  • 0.25% cash handling fee (over Kshs. 1 million)
  • Ledger fee per transaction - Kshs. 30
  • Cheque book as per tariff
  • Note: * All charges are subject to applicable tax
  • Emergency Medical Services
    • All other features will remain the same, save for access to an emergency road ambulance service that will be extended to customers under this account class at a discounted rate of Kshs. 800/= per annum. This is an opt-in service that shall be available to customers who wish to sign up for it. (Process for sign up is as attached)
    • The above rate shall include ambulance emergency drugs, medical personnel, wear & tear and fuel for rescues within thirty (30) kilometers from the E-PLUS centers country wide.
    • The rate of Kenya Shillings Eighty-Five (Kshs. 85) per kilometer shall apply for calls outside the thirty (30) km radius from the nearest designated ambulance location.
    • Waiting time in excess of the initial one-hour (1) hour shall attract an additional charge of Kenya Shillings One Thousand (Kshs. 1,000) per hour.
    • Please also take note of the Bank's account general terms and conditions as indicated on the account opening form.