Leasing is another way through which businesses and individuals can acquire assets. Talk to us and find out how we can partner with you to facilitate your lease financing.

  • Purpose - asset acquisition through operating lease
  • Maximum leasing period:
    • forty-eight months (vehicles)
    • twenty-four months (IT equipment)
  • Maximum approval amount - Kshs. 100million per customer
  • Currency - LCY and FCY
  • Interest rate - CBR + 4% (LCY)
  • Tenor - twenty-four to forty-eight months
  • Appraisal fee - 2%
  • Security:
    • Master facility agreement incorporating the supplier, lessee and the bank stipulating terms & conditions of the lease
    • Lessees open a receivable account with us against which our lien is registered
    • Executed service and maintenance contract between the supplier and lessee
    • Landlord waiver of any interest whatsoever over the assets under leasing if any
    • Comprehensive insurance cover over assets under leasing with the bank’s interest noted
    • Joint, several and personal guarantees of directors of the leasing company
    • Sale and cession agreements