Have The Wedding of Your Dreams Without Breaking the Bank

I wish I was more involved in the wedding planning” said no groom ever. Why? Not because they have no interest in how the ceremony is going to turn out, maybe because they want to ensure his bride’s wishes are executed to exact detail, but mainly because he is so stressed about all the money he is going to end spending that he can barely focus on anything else.

The ART of Banking Online

Tips to avoid phishing and identity theft

A friend of mine just called me! His account has been hacked! How? When? How did this even happen? What should he do now? He is honestly devastated. In our day to day life we encounter the word hacking with an increasing frequency as days go by. This has been caused by technology advancements and the emergence of techno savvy individuals.

Aren’t we all investors?

An investor is defined as someone who provides money or resources for an enterprise, such as a corporation, with the expectation of profitable return. This is the average definition I got when I scoured the web the other day. I don’t mean to devalue the title investor; it would be insult to the hard work investors have put into shaping the world as it is today. Though, I can’t help but wonder if I too could share in the title, ‘investor’.

Don’t Live Pay Check to Pay Check

We all do it. Somewhere in the middle of the month, we begin counting the days to the 1st, or somewhere about. Not because anything exciting is happening, but with the 1st comes pay day! The day when our debts become a little less, and the nights become a little warmer.

Kaa Chonjo!

Tom is a boy.

He goes to school like most boys his age and he works hard.
He works so hard that he wins a scholarship to one of the most prestigious universities in the world to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming an engineer and building a dam for his village back home.