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The Platinum Credit Card is ideal for daily local and global use. As a cardholder, you will enjoy benefits such as discounted dining deals in Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu, purchase protection (against loss or damage) for electronics bought with the card and access to priceless experiences in over forty cities around the world!

  • Worldwide recognition and acceptance
  • Customised offers from Mastercard that include Mastercard buy 1 get 1 offers, purchase protection, exclusive offers in over 40 cities worldwide and booking a round trip international air ticket or hotel
  • Discounted Lounge Access. (Register your card on this link)
  • Currency - Kenya shillings
  • Joining fee - free
  • Annual fee - Kshs. 5,000
  • Supplementary card - Kshs. 2,500 
  • Card replacement - Kshs. 1000
  • Minimum repayment - 15% of the total outstanding
  • Interest rate - CBR plus 4% p.a.
  • Cash advance - 5% of the amount withdrawn
  • Credit protection - 0.5% of the limit
  • Late payment - 5% of the minimum due
  • Excess over limit - 5% of the excess amount
  • Access channels - ATMs, merchant outlets, online payment sites
  • Note: All charges are subject to applicable tax
  • Employed individuals
    • Copy of payslip (latest three months)
    • Copy of national ID (mandatory for all Kenyans) or passport copy
    • Copy of PIN certificate
    • Certified bank statement (last six months) if not banking with DTB
    • Passport size photo
    • Work permit / alien certificate (non-Kenyan citizen)
  • Self-employed individuals
    • Certificate of incorporation / registration
    • Copy of national ID (mandatory for all Kenyans) or passport
    • Copy of PIN certificate personal and business
    • Company certified bank statement (last 6 months)
    • Passport size photo
    • Latest trading license (if applicable)
  • Note: All original documents must be certified at the branch
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